Have you been thinking about getting your pistol permit in Schenectady County? To apply for a Pistol Permit in Schenectady County you must be at least 21 years old and be a resident of the county for at least six months prior to applying.   

Having your pistol permit is a privilege and requires great responsibility and knowledge. Because it is such a great responsibility, there is a thorough and complex application process to obtain your pistol permit in Schenectady County.  

First, the applicant must demonstrate a good moral character, have no felonies or other serious offenses, and not have a history of mental illness or have been confined to any hospital/institution for a mental illness.  

Before starting the application process, be sure to read all of the steps carefully, understand them completely, and have all required documents in order before continuing with processing. Here are the steps to applying for your Pistol Permit in Schenectady County, NY.  

  1. Complete the Application

    Complete 3 copies of the application for a Pistol Permit in Schenectady County which can be found on the Schenectady County Clerk’s website. Each copy should be double-sided. Only include page two if you are planning to register more than four guns with your application. 

  2. Write a Letter to the Judge

    Write and submit a letter to the Schenectady County Honorable Judge Matthew J. Sypniewski and hand it in with your application.  

  3. Attend a Basic Pistol Safety Course

    Attend a Basic Pistol Safety course where you will receive a certificate upon completion to turn in with your permit application. For upcoming basic pistol safety courses visit our classes

  4. Find Character References

    Get four people to write you a character reference and have them submit it directly to the sheriff’s office before submitting your application. (Print the character references double-sided ONLY) 

  5. Get Fingerprinted

     Schedule an appointment to get fingerprinted by the Schenectady County Sheriff.

  6. Submit your Application

    Submit your complete application. Your application approval will go through the Schenectady County Sheriff and then be forwarded to Judge Sypniewski for final approval. 

Any transactions or steps in the Pistol Permit process are completed by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call 518-388-4225 to schedule an appointment.