Have you been thinking about getting your pistol permit in Albany County? To apply for a Pistol Permit in Albany County you must be a resident of one of the following: Berne, Coeymans, Knox, New Scotland, Rensselaerville, Westerlo, or Village of Green Island. 

Having your pistol permit is a privilege and requires great responsibility and knowledge. Because it is such a great responsibility, there is a thorough and complex application process to obtain your pistol permit in Albany County. Before starting the process, be sure to read all of the steps carefully, understand them completely, and have all required documents in order before continuing with processing. Here are the steps to applying for your Pistol Permit in Albany County, NY. When your application is complete, fingerprints and processing can be done by appointments only. 

  1. Answer Honestly

    Fill out all required applications required by Albany County. Answer all questions honestly, any false answer may cause the application in its entirety to be rejected. 

  2. Fill Out Complete Application

    You must fill out two original applications (Albany County’s website). Applications should be two-sided (front and back on one sheet), legible, and typed or filled out with ink ONLY. When your application is completed, it must be signed and sworn to by a certified notary. Be sure NOT to fill out the back of the application or have any other agency take your fingerprints. 

  3. Complete Supplemental Pistol Permit Applicant Information Form

    The Supplemental Pistol Permit Applicant Information form must be completed and attached along with any other copies of additional items requested. This can also be found on Albany County’s website

  4. Find Character References

    You must get 4 reputable character references. The references need to have known you for at least one year, be residents of the Capital Region, and CAN NOT be a family member. The reference must sign BOTH copies of the application and fill out their indicating section including name, and zip code legibly. 

  5. Collect Character References and Submit with Application

    Please go to the Albany County Sheriff’s website to download character reference forms and distribute to your references. Once they are completed, your references must sign the form and be sworn to it by a certified notary. It is your responsibility as the applicant to collect the forms from your references and hand them in with the rest of your completed application. 

  6. Take Two Passport-Type Photos

    You will need to have two current passport type photographs taken (head, neck, and shoulders.) The photograph should be around 1 ½ inches square. DO NOT attach them with your application 

  7. Obtain a Certified Copy of your Driver’s Abstract of Operating Record

    Visit the New York Department of Motor Vehicles- Empire Plaza Albany, NY or visit the DMV website to request a certified copy of your Driver’s Abstract of Operating Record.  

  8. Attend a Basic Pistol Safety Course

    You must attend a Basic Pistol Safety Course taught by a certified NRA instructor that is recognized by Albany County. This is a four-hour course, and you will receive a certificate for attending. This certificate needs to be included with the rest of your application. For a Basic Pistol Safety Course class description and to view our scheduled course dates, please visit our classes

  9. Get a Money Order

    You will need to get a U.S. Postal Service Money Order for $89.75 made out to the Albany County Sheriff’s Office to hand in with your application at the time of processing. This amount is the fee for the DCJS/FBI fingerprinting service. 

  10. Hand in Completed Application

    When you have completed ALL of the following and have everything organized together, you can call (518) 487-5413 to schedule an appointment to hand in your application to be processed.  

    -Completed Application 
    -Supplemental Pistol Permit Applicant Information Form w/ any attachments 
    -Character Reference Forms 
    -Money Order 
    -Pistol Safety Class Certificate 
    -Driver’s Abstract 
    -Two Passport-type Photos